Marina Bay, Singapore Travel Tips

marina bay singapore travel tips

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Toast Box
Breakfast at Toast Box. Traditional Kaya Toast (pictured upper left) and Peanut Butter Thick Toast  (pictured lower left).
  • Breakfast eggs are soft boiled.

Many menu items can be ordered as a set to include 2 eggs and coffee. Cracking an egg against the side of the bowl, runny egg white splattered across the table. Whole, shelled eggs were served soft boiled, not hard boiled, and served in a bowl with a spoon. Many breakfast sausages and sliced meat were chicken, rather than pork. The popular breakfast item Traditional Kaya Toast, resembled white toast with butter, cinnamon, and sugar. Kaya is a sweet, coconut jam. 

  • Take advantage of 7-Elevens.

Almost every corner was home to a 7-Eleven. During our time exploring Singapore, we frequented 7-Eleven for inexpensive snacks and bottled water.

  • Carry an umbrella or rain jacket.

Visiting Singapore in early September, we were caught in unexpected rain storms daily.  Carry a small umbrella or rain jacket to prevent spending the remainder of the day wet.

  • Research Singapore laws before visiting.

Singapore has some unique laws that might cause your daily activities to result in a fine. Connecting to someone’s open WiFi, chewing gum, forgetting to flush the toilet, and singing offensive lyrics in public are illegal acts that can result in hefty fines. 

us at marina bay sands

  • The Marina Bay Sands infinity pool is only accessible to hotel guests.

Prior to leaving for Singapore we scoured the internet for day passes to access the Marina Bay Sands infinity pool. Our searches all resulted in the same answer; the pool is only accessible by guests of the hotel. Be sure to receive a room key for each guest at check in. Each person must scan their room key to access the pool area. Upon checking out of the hotel, pool access is terminated. 

  • Check out the free attractions at Marina Bay Sands.

There is no fee to enter and explore Marina Bay and the luxurious shops. Gardens by the Bay and the Garden Rhapsody music and light show occurring every evening at 7:45pm and 8:45pm are also free to the public. Note: The OCBC Skyway and domes are not free to enter.

  • Marina Bay Sands Members Receive Discounts.

It is free to become a Marina Bay Sands member and only takes a few minutes to sign up. Visiting the ArtScience Museum, the cost was S$19 per person for one exhibit instead of the advertised S$32.

Singapore Metro Helping Characters

  • Take the metro to and from the airport.

In Terminal 3, a metro line connects the airport to downtown. Taking the metro was much more affordable than an Uber or taxi. We recommend exchanging money or visiting an ATM for smaller bills prior to reaching the metro stop. The ticket machines do not take credit cards and only accept S$10 bills for transactions over S$10. All other transactions require S$5 or smaller. 

  • The Marina Bay metro stop is not the closest to Marina Bay Sands.

Contrary to advice from locals, the Marina Bay metro stop is not the closest to Marina Bay Sands. The Bayfront Metro stop is directly in front of the hotel. 

September 2018

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