5 Reasons to Stay at Karma Kandara in Bali

stay at karma kandara

Karma Kandara Bali is a 5 star luxury resort at the southernmost midpoint of Bali. Traveling directly South of the resort you would reach the mainland of Australia. If you veered slightly East, missing Australia, thousands of miles later you would wash up on the shores of Antarctica.

1. The Infinity Pool

Infinity pools are one of our favorite things and this pool perched high on a cliff overlooking the Indian Ocean is one of our favorites.

in the karma infinity pool

buddies at the infinity pool bali

stairs at karma kandara infinity pool

2. Bean Bags at Karma Beach

beanbags on karma beach

white beanbag on the beah in bali

Beach lift at karma kandara

  • The beach is accessed by a small lift holding a maximum of 4 people. The views are incredible as the small car descends the side of the cliff. The beach can also be accessed by a set of stairs winding along the side of the cliff.

karma kandara beach

yoga studio at karma kandara

  • Yoga classes are offered at the open air studio overlooking the ocean. Can it get better than starting your day in downward facing dog, the sound of the ocean, and the sun just peaking over the horizon? An advantage of taking the stairs opposed to the lift to the beach is passing by the yoga studio and oceanside massage room..

rocks along karma kandara beach

sunday's beach club bali

  • Waiting until low tide, we walked down the beach to the neighboring Sunday’s Beach Club. Early morning the waves crashed against the rocks separating Karma Kandara’s beaches from neighboring properties. At low tide we easily walked the beaches along the shores of Bali.

Private Villas, Private Pool, Private Entrance

Stone walls line the narrow paths to the private villas. Each villa contains a private courtyard with a pool.  Be cautious walking along the paths, many guests are chauffeured around the grounds on golf carts.

karma kandra bali resort

water lily in bali

4. The Breakfast View at Di Mare Restaurant

3 days later and we are just as mesmerized by the breathtaking view at breakfast. Stephanie loved the various Karma superfood smoothie or yogurt based bowls topped with fresh fruit and nuts on the breakfast menu at Di Mare Restaurant and Lounge.

di mare restaurant karma kanadra

karma kandara beach

5. Sunsets at Temple Bar and Lounge

We enjoyed our last dinner in Bali at the Moroccan inspired, Temple Bar and Lounge. Listening to traditional music as the sun set behind the cliffs, we indulged in an Indonesian buffet of grilled meats, salads, and rice.

balinese food at karma kandra

bali sunsets during dinner

dinner at karma beach bali

September 2018

Author: The Traveling Gingerbread

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