Ubud Monkey Forest and Bali’s Active Volcano, Mount Batur

Ubud Monkey Forest Bridge

The Full-Day Best of Ubud Private Tour hosted by Bali Tours allowed us to maximize our day in Ubud. 

Monkey Forest

Located in the Padangtegal village, Ubud Monkey Forest is a sanctuary to more than 200 macaque monkeys. The forest is maintained and owned by the village. 3 times a day villagers feed the monkeys. Sweet potatoes are the staple of the macaques’ diet, but the monkeys are also fed bananas, papayas, corn, cucumbers, coconuts, and other fruit. The food is placed in cages to fulfill the monkey’s mischievous nature and attempt of keep them from visiting the nearby village.

Ubud Monkey Forest Sign

Monkey Forest in Ubud

Entrance to the Monkey Cave

walls of monkey cave

Statues at the Monkey Cave

Monkeys at the Ubud Monkey Forest

The monkeys are divided into 6 territories. Most active during the day, visitors can frequently see macaques fighting unwelcome guests entering their territory in search of food, water, or to cause mischief. Males live up to 15 years while females have a life span of 20 years.

Ubud Monkey Forest Bridge

Us on Ubud Monkey Forest Bridge

Monkeys in the ubud Monkey Forest.png

Use caution around the macaques. Bananas are available for visitors to purchase and feed to the macaques. When feeding bananas, never revoke an offered banana or attempt to hide it after the banana has already been seen. This can provoke the monkeys and result in aggressive behavior. The village asks that visitors do not feed the monkeys human food and make sure all bags and purses are securely closed. 

Women carrying food in the Ubud Monkey Forest

Siva Temple in the Monkey Forest

There are 3 sacred temples inside the Ubud Monkey Forest, but visitors are prohibited from entering them. At the main temple, Pura Dalem Agung, the Hindu god, Shiva, is worshiped. Shiva is the transformer, destroyer, and protector of the universe. The holy water temple, Pura Beiji, is a bath house of purification and worshiping of the Goddess Gangga. The cremation temple, Pura Prajapati, is across from the cemetery. Every 5 years a mass cremation is held. 

Statues in the Ubud Monkey Forest
The statues throughout the monkey forest symbolize energies found within the 3 sacred temples in the Monkey Forest.


Monkeys grooming Each Other in Monkey Forest
After a long day of eating and harassing visitors, the monkeys relax with grooming and some intimate parasite removal.

Mount Batur

One of Bali’s remaining active volcanoes, Mount Batur or Kintamani Volcano, last erupted in 2000. Lake Batur, the main source of Bali’s irrigation water and breeding of fresh water fish, is surrounded by 6 villages. The Kintamani area is Bali’s largest producer of bamboo and one of the top growers of fruits and vegetables. 

Kintanmi Volcano

Kintanmi Volcano

September 2018


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