9 Fun Things to Do in KCMO

1. Watch a Baseball Game at Kaufman Stadium


Creating an outfield experience was part of the 2009 renovations of Kauffman Stadium; complete with mini golf, carousel, batting cages, little league field, numerous Royals fan shops, party deck, Royals Hall of Fame, and outfield seating.
Kauffman Stadium is famous for its world’s largest, privately funded fountain in the outfield. Kansas City, the city of fountains, has the second most fountains in the world. The city with the most fountains, Rome.
Directly across the parking lot from Kauffman Stadium is the Chiefs Arrowhead Stadium. There are no restaurants or bars surrounding the stadiums, only endless parking lots. We took friends’ and Lyft drivers’ advice to eat dinner near our hotel before the game. All Uber, Lyft, and taxis are required to pick up riders in Lot A outside Kauffman Stadium.

2. Visit the Royals Hall of Fame

The Royals Hall of Fame, in collaboration with the National Baseball Museum Hall of Fame & Museum, features exhibits from the World Series. Admission is free to baseball fans before the 8th inning.


kansas city.png

3. Browse the Historic City Market

Historic City Market, also known as River Market, is a year round farmers market open since 1857. In additional to local produce, there are many international restaurants, home good stores, gift shops, and grocery stores. The Arabia Steamboat Museum is also located here with the world’s largest collection of Pre-Civil War artifacts.

We highly recommend dinner at Tribe Street Kitchen in the River Market area. The menu features dishes and cocktails from around the globe; Thailand, Brazil, Korea, Mexico, Peru, Japan, India, Spain, and Egypt. Our favorites are the Harissa Chickpea Salad from South Africa and Brazilian Steak.

4. Enjoy a Cup of Coffee at the Roasterie


There are 5 tours on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. Arriving between tours, we browse the cupping room, roasting and blending facility, and canning and brew house on our own. There is a large gift shop with apparel, coffee, mugs and equipment, sauces and rubs, and other small items.
The Roasterie does not have a food menu, but there is a small selection of breakfast sandwiches from Baked in Kansas City.  The veggie burrito and ham, egg, and cheese sandwich are delicious.

5. Bird Around KC

Birds, battery operated scooters, are new to the Kansas City area, arriving in July 2018. Everywhere people zoom by on Birds, but finding a pair of unoccupied Birds is hard. There are many single, damaged, low battery, or in use Birds. It made our day finding two available Birds a couple blocks from each other.
Download the Bird-Enjoy the Ride App, scan your credit card and driver license, agree to the terms and conditions, and let the fun begin! The app shows available Birds. Damaged, low battery, or Birds in use are not displayed. The cost is $1 to unlock a Bird, then 15 cents per minute. The best part about the Bird: after reaching our destination, we select end our ride on the app and leave the scooters near a bike rack. After sunset, the Birds are collected, charged, repaired if necessary, and distributed for use the next day.

6. See a Concert at CrossroadsKC

Mission Taco Joint is a great late night dinner spot in East Crossroads serving $2 tacos after 10:00pm. We aren’t sure of the concept, but a small hallway of restrooms separates the restaurant from a dance club. Taco dance party?
After dinner, following the sound of music around the corner we find CrossroadsKC, an outdoor live music venue. We arrive in time to see the end of the Free Friday show featuring Heavy Petty.

7. Explore the Neighborhoods

Across the Missouri River, past the deserted streets is a lively area of music, bars, pickle ball at Chicken N Pickle, and breweries in North Kansas City.
The streets and alleys of Kansas City are decorated with colorful art. Art Alley is an entire street dedicated to murals and art in the Crossroads neighborhood. This area is one of our favorites.
The Westport neighborhood was recommended by several locals throughout our stay. Taking a Lyft around 11:00pm Friday, we arrive to a crowded area, blocked off streets, and lines spilling onto the sidewalks of people waiting to enter bars and clubs. After a quick walk around the area, we schedule our ride away from the younger, college vibe area.
The Power and Light District is another of our favorite neighborhoods with local shops, restaurants, and events.


8. Drink Local

Kansas City is home to many local breweries from the 5th largest brewery in the United States to small microbrews. Check out some of them here

9. Find the Best Barbecue in KC

Jack Stack Barbecue and Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que were both highly recommended by friends, locals, and Lyft drivers. We took it up on ourselves to determine which is the best.

Jack Stack Barbecue is an upscale restaurant/bar with 5 locations. A selection of Boulevard Brewing Company and Martin City Brewing Company beers are on tap. The Fire-Kissed Wings, Pork Burnt Ends, and Smoked Chicken Tacos (from the Dinner Features Menu) are delicious.

Jack vs. Joe’s

Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que has 3 locations, including the original gas station restaurant. We love the authentic vibes and walk-up ordering window. The Pork Z-Man and Smoked Chicken are delicious. Use caution with the Night of the Living Bar-B-Q Sauce. The heat subtly builds until none of the draft beers from Kansas City on tap can subdue the burn. 

Winner: Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que.

August 2018


Author: The Traveling Gingerbread

My fiancé, Mitch, and I have been traveling together over four years. Living and working full-time in Pittsburgh, PA, we travel as much as our vacation days and finances allow. We cram each adventure with activities, tours, and experiences to maximize our time. Any time we travel, we try to visit to a local brewery and can't walk by an Irish pub without stopping in for a pint of Guinness. 
 In Tokyo, we laughed every time we saw someone talking on their large, animated phone case. We had to buy one. Having an obsolete IPhone 5, the selection was limited. We purchased a gingerbread off a neglected rack in Shinjuku, Tokyo and The Traveling Gingerbread was born. You can purchase your own adorable gingerbread friend here! The Traveling Gingerbread is an entertaining account of our travels, fun facts, and tips we learned along the way.

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