The Sleepy Fishing Village of Puerto Morelos, Mexico

puerto morelos gingerbread main

We slowdown from our usual fast paced adventures and travel South of Cancun along the Yucatán Peninsula to the quaint fishing village of Puerto Morelos.

Puerto Morales

Puerto Morelos Mexico Beaches

  • The world’s second largest barrier reef is only 300 yards offshore in some areas providing ideal snorkeling and scuba diving with magnificent views of sunken ships, tropical fish, sting rays, sea turtles, lobster, and other ocean life. The ocean waves break at the reef, creating calm waters along the shore.
  • Another chance to see marine life is taking a day trip to the 200 acre Xcaret Eco-archaeological Park or enjoy world class deep sea fishing.

Swim with Dolphins Puerto Morel

Leaning Lighthouse Puerto Morelos

  • Faro Inclinado, also known as the Puerto Morelos Leaning Lighthouse, is still active. During Hurricane Beulah in 1967 part of the foundation was destroyed causing the light house to lean.

Puerto Morales Mexico Harbor

on the boat puerto morelos

  • Puerto Morelos is the only harbor in Quintana Roo accessible by large ships. The port was booming in the 1920’s shipping chicle, a resin used to make chewing gum. There was an abundance of the resin, produced from Sapodilla trees found throughout the forests in Puerto Morelos. Unfortunately, the demand of the port was short-lived. A more affordable, synthetic base replaced the resin in the mid 1900’s and Puerto Morelos returned to a sleepy fishing village.

Puerto Morelos Mexico Town

  • It only takes about 15 minutes to walk around the small town. Visiting on a Friday or Saturday night, there may be dancing in the square. We recommend dinner at Al Chimichurri and ordering some empanadas to share. 

Grand Residences

Grand Residences Puerto Morelos

grand residences view from balcony

pool at grand residences

  • Since opening in 2014, the Grand Residences has been the top resort in Puerto Morelos.

high tea at the Grand Residences

  • Experience the ultimate relaxation with a 60 minute deep tissue massage followed by afternoon tea, sandwiches, scones, fresh fruit, and pastries.

wedding at Grand Residences Mexico

  • Several weddings take place along the white sand beaches during our stay at the Grand Residences.

mitch happy birthday

puerto morelos beach sunset.

Until next time, adios Puerto Morelos!

April 2016

Author: The Traveling Gingerbread

My husband, Mitch, and I have been traveling together over 6 years. Living and working full-time in Pittsburgh, PA, we travel as much as our vacation days and finances allow. We cram each adventure with activities, tours,  and experiences to maximize our time. We always try to visit to a local brewery and can't walk by an Irish pub without stopping in for a pint of Guinness. CREATION OF THE TRAVELING GINGERBREAD: In Tokyo, we smiled every time we saw someone talking on their large, animated phone case. We had to buy one. Having an obsolete IPhone 5, the selection was limited. We purchased a gingerbread off a neglected rack in Shinjuku, Tokyo and The Traveling Gingerbread was born. You can purchase your own gingerbread friend here! The Traveling Gingerbread offers realistic budget travel tips for full time employees, fun facts, and where to find the best craft beer.

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