Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Breweries

As new breweries continue to pop up in the Pittsburgh area, we continue to order flights of beer.


Allegheny City Brewing

Allegheny City Brewing

  • Allegheny City Brewing, in Pittsburgh’s North Side, is a dog friendly brewery with up to 12 beers on tap. Although there is no menu, many local restaurants deliver to customers enjoying their beer while playing one of the many board games available.

Grist House

Grist House Brewery

  • Grist House is a dog friendly brewery in Millvale. In lieu of a menu, customers can order from a food truck parked out front. The food truck schedule is available on their website to plan your visit around a favorite. With 12 beers on tap and a large outdoor area, this brewery is always busy regardless of weather.

Strange Roots Experimental Ales

  • After undergoing some changes, the brewery previously known as Draai Laag, emerged in March 2018 as Strange Roots Experimental Ales. There are about 8 unique beers on tap and a menu of tacos, appetizers, and sandwiches. There is ample outdoor seating and several tables inside accompanying a large bar area.

Pittsburgh Penn Brewery

  • Crafting beer since 1986, Penn Brewery has 6 year round beers on tap in addition to a couple seasonal. The menu features old world dishes in addition to several vegetarian options that can be enjoyed inside or in the outdoor, dog friendly biergarten. The Chocolate Meltdown, released in February, is one of our favorites.

Spring Hill Brewing

spring hill brewing

  • Atop a steep hilltop sits Spring Hill Brewing, specializing in Belgian style session ales. Picnic tables and a large porch provide outdoor seating. An event hall shares the right side of the building. Corn hole and board games are available to entertain visitors while sampling the 5 beers on draft and indulging in the outside food truck.



  • The Church Brew Works offers an extensive menu, small outdoor seating area, and about 11 beers on draft. Customers sit on smaller, but original pews, while gazing at copper and steel tanks brewing at the altar, beautiful stained glass windows, and high arched ceilings.

Couch Brewery

couch brewery co

  • With cozy chairs and couches along with a tag line Drink Comfortably, customers can truly relax while drinking one of Couch Brewery’s 11 draft beers. Not offering any food, the brewery does have a great list of cocktails. We recommend the Lemmy made with vanilla vodka, Kahlua, and one of the stouts on draft.

Cinderlands Beer Co.

cinderlands brewing co

  • Cinderlands Beer Co. new to the Lawrenceville area has a small, continuously changing menu and 6 beers on draft.

Full Pint Brewing


  • The Full Pint Wild Side Pub in Lawrenceville, offers the same delicious beers as the Full Pint Brewery in North Versailles at a convenient location. The menu is small but won’t disappoint with snacks, flatbreads, and sandwiches.


  • There isn’t a bare wall at Voodoo Brewery in Homestead. In addition to the 10 high alcohol content beers on draft, special beer cocktails are available. In the summer, the garage door opens and the bar stools spill out onto the sidewalk. There is a growing menu of pizza, burgers, pierogies, and snacks.

Dancing Gnome Beer

Dancing Gnome Beer

  • Dancing Gnome Beer recently branched out from exclusively hopped beer. 2 of the 4 beers on draft include a coffee stout and sour. Check out their website for the food truck schedule.


Pittsburgh Hofbrauhaus 


  • The Pittsburgh Hofbrauhaus closely resembles the original Hofbrauhaus in Munich, Germany, complete with live music, giant pretzels imported from Germany, and Aloisius, the beer angel, looking down upon the patrons enjoying beer amongst the wooden picnic tables. There are plenty of seats inside or on the patio to enjoy the Bavarian menu. The monthly seasonal craft beer keg tapping celebration takes place the first Wednesday of every month. Every Saturday diners can compete in a Stein holding competition. The monthly seasonal bier is on tap in addition to the three classic Bavarian brews: Original Lager, Hefe Weizen, and Dunkel. Looking closely, a chalkboard menu features fruit infused Hefe Weizen, blood orange, passion fruit, and blueberry.

Hitchhiker Brewing


  • Hitchhiker Brewing Co. in Mount Lebanon recently opened a second location in Sharpsburg. This dog friendly brewery has a limited menu of appetizers to accompany the 6 beers on tap.

Spoonwood Brewing Company

Spoonwood Brewing Company

  • Spoonwood Brewing Company has a large, open indoor seating area. There are 12 unique beers on tap, an extensive menu, and outdoor seating.

Outside of Pittsburgh

Petrucci Brothers Brewing

Petrucci Brothers Brewery

  • In an old electric company building, Petrucci Brothers Brewing has 6 beers on tap, and no menu at this time. The brothers love to chat and share their beer knowledge and up coming plans.

North Country Brewing Company

North Country Brewing

  • North Country Brewing, in Slippery Rock has 13 beers on tap, a delicious menu, and outdoor seating. There are no televisions to distract customers from observing the unique wooden decor and seating from this two-story establishment.

Crooked Tongue Brewing

Crooked Tongue

  • Off the beaten path, Crooked Tongue Brewing, LLC is worth the drive to try the 13 unique beers on draft. The menu, events, and outdoor seating continue to grow.


Shu Brew Harmony

  • ShuBrew in Harmony is a small tap-room with 8 beers on draft offering pizza, sandwiches, small plates, salad, and build your own rice or noodle bowls.

That’s all the breweries for now. Cheers!

Last updated: July 2018


Author: The Traveling Gingerbread

My fiancé, Mitch, and I have been traveling together over four years. Living and working full-time in Pittsburgh, PA, we travel as much as our vacation days and finances allow. We cram each adventure with activities, tours, and experiences to maximize our time. Any time we travel, we try to visit to a local brewery and can't walk by an Irish pub without stopping in for a pint of Guinness. 
 In Tokyo, we laughed every time we saw someone talking on their large, animated phone case. We had to buy one. Having an obsolete IPhone 5, the selection was limited. We purchased a gingerbread off a neglected rack in Shinjuku, Tokyo and The Traveling Gingerbread was born. You can purchase your own adorable gingerbread friend here! The Traveling Gingerbread is an entertaining account of our travels, fun facts, and tips we learned along the way.

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