11 Reasons We Love Montezuma, Costa Rica

Sweaty, tired, and hungry, our G Adventures group arrives in the small bohemian town of Montezuma. We follow our guide up the dirt road along the beach to Hotel La Cascada. Dropping off our bags, we walk back into town for lunch at Soda La Naranja.

1. Great People and Good vibes

Costa Rica.png

  • Our G Adventures group of 16 filled Soda La Naranja. The waitress and cook quickly got to work. As our guide finished chatting with who we assumed was a second waitress at the small café, we learned she was a local taxi driver eating lunch when we walked in. Knowing the staff of 2 would be overwhelmed, she immediately started helping by taking orders and waiting tables. 

Costa Rica.png

Costa Rica.png
Montezuma’s holistic lifestyle makes this small town a popular location for yoga retreats and classes.

2. Montezuma Beach

Costa Rica.png

  • Many small hermit crabs can be seen wandering along the sand. Costa Rica is home to over 800 species of hermit crabs, but only about 15% live on land.


Costa Rica.png

Bird at Lunch in Montezuma
A White-Throated Magpie-Jay

3. Montezuma Falls

montezuma waterfall sign costa rica

Read about our hike to the first of 3 waterfalls at Montezuma falls here.

4. Isla Tortuga 

isla tortuga beach costa rica

Read about our excursion to Isla Tortuga and if we thought it was worth it.

5. We Felt at Home

Costa Rica.png

  • We stayed at the family run Hotel La Cascada the duration of our stay. They offered laundry services, a ride anytime they passed us walking along the road, and surfing lessons. Our last night in Montezuma the family organized a beach and a private barbecue dinner at the hotel.
Costa Rica.png
B.Bar is now closed into the foreseeable future.

6. Soda Monte Sol

Costa Rica.png

Costa Rica.png

  • Our favorite place for breakfast in Montezuma opens at 7:00am, Soda Monte Sol. We returned every day upon discovering the dense, banana pancakes and breakfast options of fresh fruit, yogurt, granola, and toast.

7. Butterfly Brewing Company

Before leaving for Costa Rica, we found a brewery online near our hotel. Unsure of the exact location, we begin climbing up a steep, dirt road in search of Butterfly Brewing Company.

Costa Rica.png
Butterfly Brewing Company, Montezuma

We slowly walk hill after hill. Each larger than the last, the only sign of life is the occasional four wheeler heading into town. Finally, a sign for Mariposario Montezuma Gardens and Butterfly Brewing Company appears over the crest of a hill.

Costa Rica.png
Butterfly Brewing Company, Montezuma

Drenched in sweat, we sit down at a bar in Clandestina Restaurant overlooking the rain forest and order a flight of the three available beers: Luna Azul, Summerweizen, and Earthquake IPA. There is a small menu of appetizers, salads, and fish. We place an order of tacos ticos and empanadas to share.

Costa Rica.png
The rain forest trees outside Clandestina Restaurant become illuminated with small green lights at night.
Costa Rica.png
Our walk back from Butterfly Brewing Company, Montezuma

Finishing our beers, we begin the walk back down the hill. At times our IPhone flashlights are the only sources of light between sparsely placed street lights.

Costa Rica.png
Soda el Balcon de Mar (left) and a land crab (right) Montezuma

We hear land crabs scattering across the road and burrowing beneath the dry leaves in the nearby banks. During the rainy season, the crabs make the journey to the coast to lay their eggs. The crabs travel in a straight line regardless of obstacles obstructing their paths. Many crabs become trapped in kitchens, bathrooms, homes or killed crossing the road.

8. Cocolores

Located at the edge of town, is hotel and restaurant Cocolores. After walking down the dark path, an ocean side terrace comes into view softly illuminated by hanging lanterns.

Costa Rica.png
Cocolores, Montezuma
Costa Rica
Cocolores, Montezuma

An ocean side terrace is softly illuminated by hanging lanterns . We follow the beer flow chart and order our corresponding beers: Nazanja, a reddish ale, Osuza, a new Belgium, and Illozena, a brown ale. All are brewed locally on the tip of the Nicoya Peninsula at La Selva Cerveza Artsenanal. The menu consists of Mexican, Thai, Greek, and Italian cuisine.

The ambiance, craft beer, and great vibes may have contributed, but the curry at Cocolores was one of my favorite meals in Costa Rica.

9. Great Pizza

Costa Rica.png
Bruno’s Pizza, Montezuma

Running out of time, we stop at Bruno’s Pizza. Varieties of pizza can be purchased by the slice and enjoyed in the colorful dining room or on the upstairs balcony.

Costa Rica.png
Our last lunch in Montezuma is at Chelo Pizzeria. Our delicious thin crust pizzas are accompanied by bread and a spicy dipping sauce.

10. Beach Bars

Costa Rica.png
Nightly fire show at Chico’s Bar, Montezuma

Chico’s Bar is the center of Montezuma’s night life. There is a circus or fire show almost every night and frequent impromptu dance shows. 

11. Surfing

view surfing costa rica

Read about the hike across 3 beaches to our first surf lessons at Playa Grande of Montezuma.

* For more information on our tour check out: G Adventures Costa Rica on a Shoestring.

  1. Day 1: Fly into San José
  2. Day 2: San José travel to La Fortuna
  3. Day 3: La Fortuna
  4. Day 4: La Fortuna travel to Montezuma
  5. Day 5: Montezuma
  6. Day 6: Montezuma
  7. Day 7: Montezuma travel to San José
  8. Day 8: Fly out of San José

April 2018


Author: The Traveling Gingerbread

My fiancé, Mitch, and I have been traveling together over four years. Living and working full-time in Pittsburgh, PA, we travel as much as our vacation days and finances allow. We cram each adventure with activities, tours, and experiences to maximize our time. Any time we travel, we try to visit to a local brewery and can't walk by an Irish pub without stopping in for a pint of Guinness. 
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