Xcaret’s Eco-Archaeological Park in Mexico


Xcaret eco-archaeological Park, in Riviera Maya near Cancun, Mexico, visitors can experience Mexican traditions, cultures, flora, and fauna. Explore a Mayan village, float along Paradise River, browse the gift shops at the main plaza, visit the Chapel of Guadalupe, a Mexican Cemetery, St. Francis of Assisi Chapel, House of Whispers, or Hacienda Henequenera during a visit to Xcaret.

Xcaret, Mexico.png

  • Xcaret’s Mayan ruins, built between the late 1400’s and early 1500’s, were once used for ceremonial baths to purify Mayans before the journey to Cozumel. We explore a replica Mayan village displaying food, crafts, and tools throughout the wooden homes with palm thatched roofs .

Xcaret Mexico.png

  • We also visit a replica Pok ta’Pok stadium. Here 2 teams would compete in a sacred Mayan Ballgame. The teams bounce a rubber ball, weighing between 1-15 pounds, through a stone hoop on the side of the arena without using their hands. In some legends, the losing team was sacrificed.


  • After storing our belongings in lockers, we float along the underground river, part of the channels underneath the Yucatan Peninsula flowing into the ocean. The water is about 75 degrees but feels cooler as we float through caves and by mangroves blocking the sunlight. Passing a Mayan village dance at the replica village, we pose for a quick picture.

Xcaret Mexico.png

  • It takes most of the day to explore all of Xcaret’s areas: the Aviary, Coral Reef Aquarium, Natural Museum of Orchids and Bromeliads, Marine Turtles, Jaguar Island, Manatee Lagoon, Regional Wildlife, and the Tropical Jungle Trail. Rivers and waterfalls can be seen along the trails.

Xcaret Mexico.png

Since 2010, Xcaret has operated a Rescue and Rehabilitation Center for injured sea turtles. All turtles are returned to the sea upon meeting the necessary conditions.

Xcaret Mexico

  • As part of the Turtle Conservation Program, Xcaret protects thirteen nests along the Yucatan Peninsula. Teams provide a safe environment for these sea turtles during their first 15 months before releasing them into the sea, significantly increasing their chance of survival.

Xcaret, Mexico

  • Taking a break from exploring the 200 acre park, we relax in a shaded hammock area near the beach.

Xcaret Mexico.png

  • Restaurants throughout the park serve delicious, fruity drinks in a carved souvenir coconut.

Xcaret Mexico

  • Xcarat also has a relaxing aquatic paradise with bars and restaurants at the beach, natural pools, or the lagoon. After snorkeling in one of the natural pools, we relax at a restaurant on the beach and eat a quick lunch.

Xcaret Mexico.png

  • Throughout the park are clearly marked photo locations with bracelet scanners. Nearing the end of our day, we turn in our bracelets and have an opportunity to purchase the photos taken throughout the day. We select a couple of our favorites to take home as souvenirs.

As the sun beings to set, we end our experience at Xcaret with the Xcaret Mexico Espectacular Show. Past and present Mexico, Mayan culture, and legends are illustrated through colorful dances, lights, elaborate costumes, and performances.

April 2016


Author: The Traveling Gingerbread

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