The Cutest Place on Earth, Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan

Kawaii Monster Cafe Harajuku Gingerbread

Takeshita Street

takeshita street arch

  • A few blocks past the high end shopping streets, a giant silver arch decorated in flowers and balloons welcomes visitors to Takeshita Street. Don’t plan to eat breakfast surrounded by Hello Kitty and Line Friends too early, the pink, cartoon, cotton candy scented wonderland with animated characters and bubbly writing doesn’t open until 11:00am.

welcome to Harajuku Tokyo

  • We order breakfast from one of the few restaurants open before 11:00am, Noa Café. The cheese omelette sandwich was a little different than in the United States, consisting of fried egg, lettuce, tomato, ketchup, and mayonnaise on white bread. 

Takeshita Street view Harajuku

pompompourin shop tokyo
The Pompompurin Cafe (pictured right) has adorable beret wearing puppy shaped food options.

Harajuku is known for teenagers showing off their unique fashions. Among the bustling street of cafés and boutiques selling clothes, makeup, French fries, ice cream, shoes, frilly lingerie, backpacks, and costumes, there are a few unique places to visit: 

  • Have a drink and pet an owl at the Owl Café.
  • Cat Café Mocha is a coffee shop filled with cats to keep visitors company while enjoying a cup of coffee, chatting, or working remotely.
  • Totti Candy Factory Shop sells the world’s largest cotton candy.
  • Carts selling more than 100 varieties of crepes are on every street corner.

Takeshita Street view

Kawaii Monster Café

Kawaii Monster Cafe

  • Kawaii Monster Cafe is known as the cute cafe in Harajuku. Kawaii translates to tiny, cuddly, or sweet in English. Visitors take an elevator to the third floor and exit into Choppy’s pink and purple lair. Choppy is a fuzzy, purple, one horned monster representing the crazy Harajuku culture taking over Japan. Choppy gobbles up everything in sight. 

Entrance to Kawaii Monster Cafe Harajuku

Kawaii Monster Cafe Harajuku

  • Guests pass under 2 large eyes and follow Choppy’s tongue, a red carpet, into his belly, the Kawaii Monster Cafe dining room. While waiting to be seated an iPad is available to browse the available dining rooms: Sweets Go Round, Mushroom Disco, Milk Stand, Bar Experiment, or Mel-tea Room.

Milk Stand

Milk Stand Kawaii Monster Cafe

  • Milk Stand, located behind the merry go round, is a dining room with colorful animal heads hanging from the ceiling around a circle of giant baby bottles. A pink unicorn head, purple rabbit head, and green lamb head with glowing yellow eyes connect to the baby bottles by a strand of white lights. The outside of the booths are decorated in wavy pink, blue, and purple stripes.

Mel-Tea Room

Mel-Tea Room Kawaii Monster Cafe

  • In the back of the cafe is Mel-tea Room. Huge pink, green, and purple macaroons are stacked from the floor to the ceiling along the walls. A trail of giant ants weave through the yellow, pink, and green melting ice cream cones dripping down the walls. Giant forks stick out of the strawberries floating in the stream of yellow ice cream. The booths are colorful, pastel tea cups.

Mushroom Disco

Mushroom Disco Kawaii Monster Cafe

  • In Mushroom Disco, poisonous multicolored mushrooms, Venus flytraps, and flowers tower above the tables. Booths are decorated with wavy blue and yellow stripes, matching the weeds sprouting from the floor. 

The Menu

us ordering at Kawaii Monster Cafe
The touch screen menu is a giant slice of double layer, pink frosted cake.

Food at Kawaii Monster Cafe Harajuku

  •  The side of French fries arrive on a plate outlined in blobs of colorful sauces. The Colorful Rainbow Pasta Painter consists of flavorful, colorful rainbow pasta and pork on a painter’s palette surrounded by brush strokes of red marinara, yellow sauce, green pesto, orange cheese, and a blue garlic sauce. 

Sweets Go Round

Sweets Go Round Kawaii Monster Cafe

  • Sweets Go Round is a frosted pink birthday cake carousel slowly spinning in a circle. A white unicorn, melty yellow bunny, purple and pink striped top hat, and frosting topped cherries surround the cake bobbing up and down.

Monster Girls Kawaii monster Cafe

  • The cafe servers are referred to as Monster Girls. Throughout the day, the Monster Girls perform to Japanese music at Sweets Go Round.
  • Each Monster Girl has a unique style. One wears a fluffy lavender wig with a white and blush tattered tutu. Another wears long, blue, braided hair in pigtails with an orange plastic dress and knee high socks. The third wears a small black top adorned with a black monster arm on the shoulder, black puffy skirt, and short bubble gum pink hair. 

Cactus at the Kawaii Monster Cafe Harajuku

  • Purple, pink, and green polka dot walls surround green cacti with yellow and pink thorns sprouting from the floor to the ceiling.

Gossiping Ladies

Gossiping Ladies Kawaii Monster Cafe

  • Behind Mushroom Disco is an area for Gossiping Ladies. Giant red lips cover the gray and white zigzag  walls surrounding red tables and chairs. 

Bar Experiment

Bar Experiment Kawaii Monster Cafe

us at bar experiment Kawaii Monster Cafe

  • Next to Mel-Tea Room is Bar Experiment, underneath a giant, blue glowing jellyfish reaching from the floor to the ceiling. 

September 2017




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2 thoughts

  1. I love your post! Japan is on my top 3 bucket list, but your post make me want to go tomorrow!
    I hope to do it soon and it was awesome to read about it and the photos are colorful and amazing!


    1. It is an amazing place with so much more to explore. I definitely want to go back and visit other parts of Japan. I recommend doing your research before hand. It’s a lot to take in and so many unique places are tucked away.


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